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Caring for Your Senior Pet

Just like humans, pets need some extra love and care as they go into their senior years. Every pet owner wants to give their furry companion a long and healthy life. At Fort Hunt Animal Hospital in Alexandria, we have the privilege of working with pets of all ages. We have gathered a few tips to help care for your senior pet.

Regular Exams with a Veterinarian

Senior pets can benefit from at least an annual visit to a veterinarian’s office. However, bi-annual visits are often more appropriate since more severe conditions are likely to occur. Some of these health issues can include arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and more. A routine visit can also be an excellent time for us to review your pet’s vaccinations and make changes as needed.

Nutrition and Lifestyle

It is common for most pets to become less active as they get older. As a result, pet owners should pay close attention to how much they feed them. While decreasing caloric intake is part of the solution, older pets should still get adequate amounts of protein, carbs, and healthy fats. Your pet might not get as much exercise as it did earlier in life, but movement and mobility are important to prevent the onset of arthritis.

Provide a Caring and Nurturing Environment

One of the most important aspects to emphasize is that your senior pet goes through some behavioral changes. Doing everything you can to keep structures in place at home is essential. Above all, show your pet as much love and attention as possible, since he or she is undergoing several mental changes in the later years.

Learn More about Senior Pet Care from Our Veterinarians in Alexandria, VA

If you have a senior pet, it can be challenging to find quality veterinary care. At Fort Hunt Animal Hospital, we pride ourselves on making sure pets of all ages live happy and healthy lives. Call our veterinarians today at (703) 360-6100 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.