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Will My Dog Be Alright In Boarding Kennels

Will My Dog Be Alright in Boarding Kennels?

Are you wondering if your dog will be well taken care of and looked over while boarding? It’s perfectly reasonable to worry over your pet’s health. Ultimately, your dog’s well-being may be determined by which boarding kennel you place him or her in. If you’re looking for top-notch pet boarding in Alexandria, get in touch with our team at Fort Hunt Animal Hospital.

We will care for your dog or cat while you are away. You can rest assured that we will provide the best care possible. If you have any specific questions or concerns about dog boarding, contact our pet doctors at Fort Hunt Animal Hospital.

The Best Pet Boarding in Alexandria

Whether you’re going on a business trip or a family vacation, you will want to rest at ease knowing your dog or cat is being properly cared for. Leaving a pet behind can be stressful for both you and the pet. By talking with one of our veterinarians in Alexandria, you can reduce your boarding-related stress.

Many pets and especially dogs suffer anxiety and depression when their owners drop them off at a kennel or other dog boarding facility. Unfortunately, this is hard to prevent because dogs often form very strong bonds with their family. We may not be able to prevent your pet from suffering some anxiety. That said, we can help your dog feel welcomed and comforted while boarding with us. Whether it is a veterinarian or another staff member at our animal hospital, you can count on us to show your pet individualized care and attention.

Our staff at Fort Hunt Animal Hospital provides individualized playtime with your pet. Often, this will help your pets calm down and enjoy their time while staying with us. We can also take your dog on a walk, letting him or her become familiar with the surroundings. A bit of fresh air often goes a long way. We will also provide your pet with top-notch food, and if necessary, a veterinarian will be on hand to provide medical care. If your pet needs to take medications, we will make sure it is given at the appropriate time. We also strive to provide pets with comfortable accommodations.

If you have any concerns or specific needs, you should talk with one of our pet doctors. Our veterinarians are happy to go over pet boarding with you. If necessary, we can design a custom boarding plan to address your pet’s specific needs.

Pet Boarding in Alexandria, VA

If you live in or around Alexandria and need to leave town for a while, you can trust your pet with our team at Fort Hunt Animal Hospital. Call us today at (703) 360-6100 to learn more about our pet boarding services.